George Sugawa: Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer Warrior

When I first got my socks, I felt like Superman—with warm feet! I wore them during chemo and it reminded me that superheros never give up, no matter how bad they feel.

I’m feeling fine now—I just had my first haircut in two years, and I wake up every morning thankful for my wife and caregiver, my dogs, my family and my friends. I have a lot to be thankful for, and a new appreciation for the power of prayer. I try not to miss any family functions like plays, recitals and birthdays. And I try like hell to pay it forward! Remember, that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train but the exit to a healthier life!

Stephanie Howard
Veronica Bishop: Metastic Breast Cancer Warrior

I met Stephanie through a mutual friend, Audrey, who introduced us because Stephanie was also going through a cancer diagnosis. I noticed in her blog pictures Stephanie was always wearing cute fun socks to her treatment or doctor appointments, and after we met, she mailed me some Super Women Socks!

I first wore them to my 10th chemo session. I had neuropathy in my fingertips, and it was painful just to put on socks. That morning was a tough one,  physically and mentally, but the socks were the perfect reminder that I CAN DO THIS! The socks were a great way for me to appreciate the simple things we can do when we are feeling 100%. I continue to battle metastatic breast cancer and wear my socks when I need a reminder to continue being a warrior super women.

*Triumphant Note: Veronica has her own awesome nonprofit, #sologoodvibes—check it out!

Stephanie Howard
Cindy Spencer: MDS Warrior

I wear my Wonder Woman socks when I need to tap into my “super powers” and feel strong, motivated and encouraged. I wore them for my Stem Cell Transplant, and after that for follow up bone marrow biopsies. It’s not just for me—they’re fun, and it encourages and support others, too.

I’m in remission now, and I’m getting stronger every day. Socks are a great reminder for people facing chemotherapy that you are stronger than you know. You are a warrior. You’ve got this!

Johanna Abzug
Bob Stapleton: Multiple Myeloma Warrior

When I first got the gift of Superman socks (each sock has a separate red cape), I felt a little awkward, but it quickly changed to excitement. I was proud to wear them to the first day of my IV infusion cycle, and I continued to wear them all day.

My Triumphant Warrior socks are the embodiment of the kindness, support, and thoughtfulness that everyone has shown to me and my family during this difficult time. But to have received them from a fellow warrior shows the rare empathy only a cancer survivor knows, and for that they are truly cherished.

To those facing chemotherapy for the first time, I would say look to all sources for support: family, friends, doctors, neighbors, and accept help when offered. Look to your faith and know you are never alone. Always remain positive and never give up hope. If anyone needs me to join them during treatment, I’m here.

Stephanie Howard