Texas Oncology - New Braunfels

5.23.18 marks a BIG day for Triumphant Warrior. Not only did we start distributing socks to a new location, Texas Oncology in New Braunfels, marking the 7th location but we also have now distributed over 2,000 pairs of fun socks to cancer patients.

The team at Texas Oncology in New Braunfels is amazing! They ALL got in on the fun sock action. The smiles in the infusion room, labs, radiation and entire office were priceless!

We didn't think the day could get any better...but it did! News 4 San Antonio heard about Triumphant Warrior through a sock drive that Greystar Real Estate Partners is conducting. News 4 San Antonio expressed interest in helping to get the word out about the good Triumphant Warrior is doing in the community. A HUGE thank you to Joe Galli and Mario for putting together an amazing piece.


Sock Club and Triumphant Warrior

Stepping out of your comfort zone and starting a nonprofit after surviving the two hardest years of your life can be scary. But when you share your story with an organization like Sock Club and they open their arms and hearts with such generosity you can't help but realize you are doing the right thing. Thank you Sock Club for being Triumphant Warrior's first sock partner.

Stephanie HowardSock Club