Veronica Bishop: Metastic Breast Cancer Warrior

I met Stephanie through a mutual friend, Audrey, who introduced us because Stephanie was also going through a cancer diagnosis. I noticed in her blog pictures Stephanie was always wearing cute fun socks to her treatment or doctor appointments, and after we met, she mailed me some Super Women Socks!

I first wore them to my 10th chemo session. I had neuropathy in my fingertips, and it was painful just to put on socks. That morning was a tough one,  physically and mentally, but the socks were the perfect reminder that I CAN DO THIS! The socks were a great way for me to appreciate the simple things we can do when we are feeling 100%. I continue to battle metastatic breast cancer and wear my socks when I need a reminder to continue being a warrior super women.

*Triumphant Note: Veronica has her own awesome nonprofit, #sologoodvibes—check it out!

Stephanie Howard